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Services & Solutions

Landmark’s services and solutions promote evidence-based clinical practices across three major areas of physical medicine: rehabilitation therapy (physical, occupational and speech), chiropractic and pain management including spinal surgery and interventional procedures, e.g., epidurals and facet injections. Our services include utilization management, benefit administration, and network development and leasing, all as more completely described below.

Utilization Management

Provider Profiling. Identifying aberrant practice patterns is the foundation of our management programs. Our Practitioner Performance Summary (PPS) profiling reports provide detailed, longitudinal analyses of the practice patterns of individual practitioners. These reports are web based and highly interactive. We use them to have factual discussions with providers that pinpoint opportunities for improvement.

Treatment Authorization. Using the PPS profiling reports, we segment a health plan’s network into categories based upon the historical utilization patterns of individual providers and manage the providers in each category accordingly, i.e., high utilizers are subject to greater oversight while more efficient providers have clinical autonomy. Where prior or concurrent authorization is required, treatment plans are submitted to Landmark’s like-specialty case managers for review and approval.

Administrative Services

We offer claims processing and payment services, generally in connection with capitated arrangements where Landmark is at risk for medical expenses. In addition, we can make our proprietary chiropractic claims edits available for use by a health plan adjudicating its own claims.

Network Leasing and Development

We have proprietary chiropractic networks available for lease in a number of states or these networks may be deployed in fully delegated at risk arrangements. In addition, our network department can build new or re-contract existing chiropractic or therapy networks.