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About Landmark

Landmark’s mission is to assist health plans in the delivery and management of their physical medicine benefits, more specifically physical, occupational and speech therapy, chiropractic, spine surgery and interventional pain procedures. Our goal is the efficient delivery of superior clinical outcomes through the dissemination and adoption of evidence-based medicine. Our management programs rely on data analytics; we profile the practice patterns of providers to identify those whose resource utilization deviates materially from their peers on a risk-adjusted basis. We work with these providers to encourage patient-centered treatment regimens that focus on functional restoration.

We recognize that our management is only as good as the clinical foundation of our expertise and so we concentrate our resources on the development and maintenance of our clinical practice guidelines. Moreover, we employ experienced clinicians to interpret them in a manner that reflects the real world challenges faced by practitioners every day. Finally, we believe that transparency and frequent communication with providers strengthen working relationships, which in turn lead to better clinical outcomes.

We are a highly focused organization. Landmark serves the health plan market exclusively and only in the realm of physical medicine. Our executive team is comprised of former health plan executives and clinicians who understand the complexity of group health insurance, from both a systems and regulatory perspective. Finally, we know that a health plan’s success is determined by its relationships with its employer groups and members, who are heavily influenced by their experiences with individual providers. Our goal is to help those providers achieve success because their success is ultimately ours.

Landmark was founded in Los Angeles in 1985. We now serve seven million health plan members across the country. Landmark is based in Sacramento, California with satellite offices in four other states.